My life in Colorado Springs started at age 3, so I consider myself 'almost native'. I love the mountains. I love the people. I love being close to my family, who all still live here.  I can't think of a better place to call home.  I graduated from Air Academy High School and went on to pursue a variety of career paths; first accounting then insurance. It wasn't until 2005 after doing flowers for a friend's wedding that I realized my true calling and decided to turn my passion into my profession. It didn’t happen overnight; I worked various jobs in the floral industry and learned everything I could about the business of flowers. I have been designing now for 15 years, and I love every aspect of my color filled world. My attention to detail, color, and design is what makes each creation special.  I operate a full service floral design studio; specializing in distinctive, natural style floral arrangements. A reflection of me, a truly fun and down to earth ‘Colorado girl’, passionate about flowers and living my dream, which gives me tremendous joy!

Annette Marie